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Sunday, June 24, 2018


Portraying a positive attitude!

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Elf time!

 These elves were made from my pattern, Pix & Pax!  This one has a felt body with a velour head
 I learned how to make a set of Bagpipes for the Highland Elf!

 They have a musical theme!
Loved making these!

Just Heads Workshop

 I gave a workshop in Hamilton last weekend, and these are the results!  I am really impressed with the talent that abounds in this group of dollmakers, and I think they were a little surprised at th their own outcomes!

These are the Character Heads I made to teach.
I also made these heads, to teach other aspects of head shape.
They gave me excellent feedback for my patterns too!  That was a plus for me!

Saturday, April 14, 2018


Who doesn't love a little Elf!  This is my Pix & Pax Pattern, available from pattern sellers and also from my Etsy shop attitude 1

It can be small and fairylike,
 Or the pattern can be enlarged
It can be fun!

Monday, November 20, 2017

Passing Phases

Funny how the different phases of the moon affect our hormones and moods!
With the new moon comes inspiration and bright ideas and dreams, or in th4e waning phase, the energy settles us down into whatever has taken place.
The Half moon - we're either building excitement and energy, or decreasing our energy, and the full energy of the moon has people and animals doing all sorts of energetic things at times, especially in the summer months!
Then the moon starts to get tired and the energy wanes and calms again. Everything passes. It's another phase we all go through.

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Boxtroll Snatcher!

Tried to make a Boxtroll Snatcher! If I had put the least stretch across the face instead of the greatest stretch, I may have achieved a longer more gaunt face. Instead I ended up with this grimacing one!
  Not to worry! It's still a humpback character. I used a t-shirt fabric to make it, cutting and dying thin strips for the lank hair.
  I made the had from denim, and painted it. The coat was a piece of heavy weight t-shirting. I constructed the boots from a thick fabric to make them stable, and covered them with Mod Podge and painted them, so he stands alone.

I used him as a demo at the workshop on Just heads, when talking about making a character.

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Tilly's Two-cylinder Time Machine!

Tilly's Two-cylinder Time Machine! All complete! Serious recycling! Using a blown-up stove element for the base, and two different size tin cans, old tomato sauce bottle, pen drive gear stick (hybrid Gel of course!) Defunct LED torch - could work with new batteries, a compass - for direction, and she's off! 

Body from a Jill Maas design, and head secured by a skewer through a wine bottle cork holder and supported by a spring - from the stove element, this mixed media miss is travelling across time - from old to new! Tilly has no idea where time will take her, She keeps moving forward because she doesn't want top go back, but there are lots of times she stays in the present moment for a sense of peace!

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Transformative Workshop!

#One-on-one, two day workshop, working on Needle-sculpting and colouring heads! The best time!
We did one each in a step-by-step fashion. Barb was so happy with what she had learned,the first day, she did homework in the comfort of her campervan!

Barb bought the rag doll she had made for her granddaughter who was born with cleft palate, and is now wearing braces, so she shared a picture of the doll when new, then after many years of play.
Barb wanted to update it as her granddaughter is older now, and with the techniques she had learned during the first day, completely made over the face of the rag doll, which is so beautiful, it's unrecognisable!

This is the doll when new, several years ago.
And now, transformed with the newly acquired techniques for needle-sculpting and colouring!

This is what she learned from. We did one each.
And then these!

I am so delighted with her quick progress and natural talent! She is going home enthusiastic, more enlightened and not afraid to risk doing faces! What a buzz!

I am not always able to travel to other locations, and some people find it hard to learn in a group, so if anyone would like to book some paid one-on-one time with me in my studio, here in Oamaru, please message me to arrange it! I am not able to accommodate anyone here, but Oamaru is a great place with plenty of other accommodation. I certainly enjoy the experience and try to make it worthwhile.