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Thursday, May 7, 2020

covid 19 Lockdown Stump dolls - retirees

May 4 2020

We're getting ready for winter here in lock down NZ. Even though we are allowed to extend our bubble a little, it's still tough for those waiting to get back to work or to face their uncertain future. Some are anxious about going back to work!
This group is well over 70, so they are not at all worried, and have enjoyed their time at home making new outfits for themselves so they would be warm for the exhibition they went to in 2016!
The Exhibition theme was "Life in Manapouri". I don't live there, but every community has its retirees! I made this series of Stump Dolls and one free standing male to do the trick!
So, the retirees are: Ms Jones - the retired Plunket Nurse, Mr B P the retired farmer - now artist, Joan, the retired librarian -still reads of course! Myrtle, used to be the teacher in her day, but now she knits! Bev was the potter and still enters exhibitions! Mary has always been a gardener. Margaret dabbled in the alternative lifestyle scene most of her life and knows quite a bit about medicine! Sonja - who still smokes, was in fashion retail and owned her own shop! Can you guess who's who?
This lot was very popular, and the success of them was using all the colourful woolen scraps, from a friendly local who makes woolen garments. The wool molds the cloth body and gives them all character. Their arms - apart from Mr B P, are empty, with just the hands wrapped in the curve of the wool! Cones for the bodies and a needle sculpted head to give them individuality! this is when I discovered how to make a character head! I now have a pattern on how to make a character head.
So cheer up! It can't be long now before we can get out of Lockdown - or retire!