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Thursday, May 7, 2020

Covid 19 Lockdown Male dolls

May 2 2020

We are champing at the bit to be released from the confines we find ourselves in while navigating lockdown. Even myself, who is really enjoying it, still need the company of others. It's a challenge for many!
Talking of challenging experiences - I discovered that the cloth doll world was dominated by female dolls. I found an occasion to make a male figure for an Exhibition. I was curious to see if I could create one, since I was discovering some new abilities in my needle-sculpting and pattern designing adventures. There was not much to go on in the pattern world, that I could find, so I decided to teach myself from what I knew of drawing and studying male features.
The Steam Punk Male was my first attempt in 2014- also the first Top Hat and boots. It turned out ok for what I wanted, but not good enough for a pattern.
Making character faces and the study of them, taught me so much that I can impart, but Mostly, I learned that it's not just the features that make a male doll, but skull shape, eyes, cheekbones and lips are not the same as female features. Just wearing a beard or shadow is not effective. How to design a head shape differently?
I achieved it, when I designed the mermen, and I will continue to develop this, as I think it is important for people wanting to make male dolls to achieve satisfactory results.

So, a bit of study in lockdown is helpful, but being curious and following it up is even better for developing techniques to do things! Go for it!