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Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Covid 19 Lockdown - Harley Quinn

April 28 2020

Things getting a little out of control in your bubble? Like - hair?
This is a character I made in 2017, for my daughter who likes Horror movies. It is my plan to make a pattern, and I have all the bits. It's on my list. It was actually a fun piece to do, and even though the subject matter will not appeal to a lot of people, there are a lot of other people out there who would enjoy the process of making something like this. Everything is cloth bar the gun, but even that could have been made in cloth. It's a bit of overkill - pardon the pun, but it was part of the accessories.
My friend Ngaone Tutemahurangi, who is an awesome doll shoe designer, designed some boots for me to try, so I will do that when I make the pattern. These boots are a rather unique style - high heel sneakers! Ngaone is an admin on Jan Horrocks page.
These boots are painted on, so had to be drawn on first! The t-shirt is painted, and so is the hair! That was fun! The legs had to be drawn on upside down, before the were put on. A bit of work to be done on forming the buttocks better, but I have since learned a lot about that , so it will go in the pattern too. Saying that, her breasts are higher than would normally be made on a casually dressed female figure, because of the arm gesture on the form, that also gives the idea of an uplift bra! Lots of things to take into consideration when designing a pattern to pose a figure that depicts an attitude!
If you are having a bad hair day in lock down - we have moved to level 3 today, so businesses can get cracking again, and all the superhero's can continue to do what they have been doing all along - keeping us safe! Yay for them!