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Thursday, May 7, 2020

Covid 19 Lockdown Fantasy

6 May 2020

Fantasy in Lockdown. Those who are not engaged in physical activity - or even if they are - sometimes chill out with reading, watching movies, playing games, dressing up - or down - trying not to think about hair care!
I used to struggle with fantasy, living in the world of struggling to get ahead and bringing up kids, so bringing fantasy into doll making was a bit foreign to me for a long time, until I learned to leg go and let it out! I think it's an essential part of creativity because it bucks against the norm - an escape!
Here are a few Fantasy dolls I have made over the years, but never made into patterns.
The first one is small enough to be a christmas tree decoration - or at least to top the tree, or hang on the wall!
The second one is called The Ice Queen Maureen! made for an online challenge. She had a story about ecology.
I loved the third one - which now resides in Japan! I liked the idea of a doll on stilts and this fit the bill in two ways! I had just done an online class on how to make shoes on a clay foot! I used the shoes and put the clay foot on long wire stilts, and it balanced perfectly! So stoked with that!
The fourth pic is a few other dolls i had made that I was not entirely happy with, but they were just prototypes - and someone loved them! The big doll I made into a Dramatic Goth.
The fifth one - Genie of the Jug - because i liked the smoky fabric and the Jug!
The sixth & seventh - both from my Marie Antoinette pattern. I liked the black & white theme, and again, the wool, and the height of it. (I am not tall!) The last I called "the off-white queen" from the Alice in wonderland story.
So over the years I have indulged in fantasy in a creative way that I never did as a young person! Weird how we grow and change?
Lockdown is loosening up a little - hopefully next week we might get a haircut!