SFM Cloth Dolls with Attitude! NZ

Thursday, May 7, 2020

Covid 19 Lockdown Dominican Family Group

May 5 2020

Increasing the bubble in Lock down brings many benefits. I saw family today and got all the news and saw some improvements in their well being, just by connecting with them! Having an 'other' in our lives - someone to tell things to face to face - to express the overwhelm and be heard, to reach a place of calm to do what must be done is so important in our lives.
I was asked to make a set of dolls to represent the Dominican family - the family of Saint Dominic, to mark 800 years of Dominicans, in 2015.
This is my version of St Dominic, founder of the Dominican Order of Preachers & Teachers! His two older brothers, Manes and Antonio, were also priests, and Manes later became a Dominican. This set depicts Saint Dominic and his family.
Dominic de Guzm├ín was born in Castile, possibly a year or two later than 1170. Dominic's father Felix De Guzman was a knight. Legend has it that while Joanna d’Aza, his mother, was awaiting his birth, she saw in a dream, a dog that held a torch in its mouth, running around the countryside to bring light to the whole world. The word Dominicana means: Domini = Lord Cana = Dog. Sometimes referred to as Guzman's Dogs, or Dogs for the Lord! With all the qualities of a good dog - of course!
His mother saw to it that Dominic and his brothers were well educated and understood the pastoral care required of the overlord and family for the village. Later on in his ministry Dominic set up a house for women and children, at a time when women had very little status, or were discarded by husbands and family. Much later they became Dominican sisters, and today are still leading lights in their community, preaching and teaching in a myriad of ways! Dominicans are an order of Preachers & Teachers.
Knowing how to care for each other, to show understanding and kindness is very evident in our communities still in Lockdown.