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Thursday, May 7, 2020

Covid 19 Lockdown Bust Dolls

May 3 2020

Dealing with hair in lock-down is getting problematic and sometimes colour just doesn't make it look any better! We can't wait for the hairdresser to be available to us!
Marie Antoinette is famous for her Big hair and led the way with hair fashion in her day. What a temptation for me when I decided to make a cloth doll Bust - just the head and upper body.
A great opportunity to use lace and wool! I discovered a new way to make a non-smiling mouth, and was able to create lots of different expressions with this series of dolls, and found them to be very useful little works of art! I wrote the pattern and taught classes and they have been quite popular. I certainly enjoyed the experience of making them using a few different techniques I discovered on the way!
My hairdresser is in my doll group and she suggested we make one each and use them for fundraising for Breast Cancer in her salon, because - it's all about the bust!
So we just have to keep our hair on in the meantime and try not to let it get the better of us in Lock-down!