SFM Cloth Dolls with Attitude! NZ

Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Covid 19 Lockdown Anzac Dolls

This is my ANZAC tribute to all people who have been captured, fallen, wounded, sick, alone, despairing, that they will find the offer of comfort, of human touch, aid, a care parcel from someone in the world who cares and a letter from home! Lest we forget.
I know I have shown these dolls before, but this is how it came about. They were to be part of an exhibition in 2014, for the 100 years of ANZAC. My angle for this exhibition was about who cared.
I did my research and found some old posters. I found out about the care packages put together by families. Only certain things were allowed, and they had to be checked before being sent and handed out by the Red Cross.
The face was inspired by a soldier and the look on his face was what I used to express my feelings about this work. I made the body and posed it. Then I made the boots, painted them with ModPodge and dirtied them with mud!
Next came the helmet - he had to have a sleep while it dried! He was exhausted!
I made the leggings, and shirt, trying to stay authentic to the uniform. Then hair, and bandages, which I grubbied up a bit too. The letter from home is part of the comfort and care. I even made some old sacks for him to sit on in his makeshift environment.
The nurse holding the care parcel and touching his shoulder to convey compassion, was the finishing touch. My own father was sent home shell shocked after the war. They would call it PTSD now. We shall remember them