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Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Covid 19 Cloth over characters

Crikey! We're into week six of Lock down now! Even though we go into level 3 this week, it doesn't change much! Just as well I have plenty to keep me occupied!
Going through my pictures I have found some that are called 'cloth over'. This is when you make something and maybe you don't want the nose seam to show, or you may wish to change the shape of a head. so you make a head in cloth that acts as a form. that sits underneath. There may be a little needlesculpting done, and then the face is covered with a two way stretch fabric, such as cotton lycra, which is pinned in place, while stuffing is placed in certain areas, like eyes, nose, cheeks etc that may need to be exaggerated with stitches. Then the fun part of making the features stand out!
I didn't know I could do this until I made Madam Mim - an old comic favourite! Then I did Queen Victoria and Humpty Dumpty! Loved the process of discovering how to do this and have made some interesting characters over the years that express something! The seriousness of Queen Vic, and the absolute fun of Mim and Humpty!
I hope you are having some fun in your Bubble!