SFM Cloth Dolls with Attitude! NZ

Thursday, January 30, 2020

Ladies who knit!

 Inspiration is everywhere! I loved some ceramic art pieces found on Pinterest, and decided to make my own Art wall dolls from cloth. So here I am trying to emulate the ceramic artist - and pretend I am good at knitting. I liked the idea of this because I am giving a workshop this year and want to teach needle-sculpting faces and hands. This will be great, because it's only head and shoulders and forearms!
I wanted to capture a a larger woman of a certain age, with heavy neck wrinkles, and have worked out the pattern to do this all-in-one head and shoulders. Here we have three different neck shapes showing three different styles.

The middle one was first - too smooth in the neck for what I wanted, but small enough to carry the hat! I like her facial expression, and how expressive she is with her hands
.The next one I tried was the the first one in the scarf and glasses. I wanted enough room to make her laugh, as in the sculpture, and tried to express that,and it is not how I wanted it, but if you didn't see the original inspiration, you'd think it was ok - said she consolingly!
I was very happy with the last one though! the neck pattern worked wonders and I feel like I captured the look I was going for!

I will make a pattern that is not as complicated as these, but just as much fun, so that they are achievable for the cloth doll maker, who can take it further if they choose, or keep it simple.

These ladies are wall dolls, so I had to make something for them to sit them on to hang them - another complicated process, but it works.

I think these wall dolls are more like an installation! I hope you like them!