SFM Cloth Dolls with Attitude! NZ

Monday, July 23, 2018

Zazu Bird! Cloth body with a mixture of feathers, fur and foamcraft! At 9inches tall, he is actually standing on a felt bowler hat I made!
This is what is keeping me so quiet on my page folks! I am quite taken with the story of the Lion King and fascinated by the musical and the dancers, so I am trying to make the figures in cloth!
He's not the most wonderful creature you have ever seen, but he will suit my purpose for my Lion King Exhibition in December! Have to find the right fabric for Zazu's suit now!
Looking forward to making the complete figure and getting that bird to sit on his head! That will be a mission! Rather pleased with the three and a half figures I have made so far! Nala, Simba, Rafiki and now Zazu!


Dolores said...

Oh, Zazu is adorable.

Mary Ann Tate said...

He's amazing. I can't wait to see all the figures together.