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Saturday, May 20, 2017

Challenges in the night!

Life givers us so many challenges that we have to face, and sometimes it stalls the creative flow with other things needing to be done - appointments & driving time, caring & listening time, cooking & cleaning time - getting older, can all be challenges in themselves. When there is a lull, I want a challenge of a different kind to kickstart my creativity and journey to peace and wholeness!

I found a head I had made ages ago, that has been picked up and rejected as not suiting a project I had in mind, but couldn't get going on. Bits of the whole thing are lying around - a leg here an arm there and an unspeakable body! The head I had even used as a cushion to demonstrate a needle felting technique to someone! Bits of fluff were embedded in it and it looked used and abused - not in it's pristine condition as this first pic.

Late last night I picked it up as I had the urge to make a face. I started needle sculpting - wish I had thought to take pics then! I was trying for an open mouth - it looked ghastly - I undid it, and re-sculpted the mouth. When I did the eyes, I though this is not going to work - but I stitched on regardless -trying for laughing eyes.

When I started colouring it, I thought I'd ruined it completely and it took a wee while to get the eyes right. The addition of freckles distracted from other marks I had made on the face and eyelashes set it off!

Prior to this, I had been watching Anne of Green Gables and was surprised at the look of this face - how it had turned out! (Because I never have a preconceived idea!)
I decided Tow hair was needed to set it off, so made some wefts. The straw hat with flowers made it quite a different head to the one I was challenged with last night! Might have to think of a body now!

So from nothing much, to something with potential! Is that like lifes challenges?