SFM Cloth Dolls with Attitude! NZ

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Merman Reif - Guardian of sea creatures

Merman Reif - Guardian of sea creatures, and general RMM - Reef Maintenance Merman!

All 27 inches of Merman Reif floats/swims on the wall and really looks good as wall art! Even my husband - and the carpet layer, was impressed with this one!

I am happy to announce that this doll is now available as a Cloth Art Doll Tutorial e- pattern, and best suited to someone with a bit of experience at cloth doll making, although it is pretty comprehensive, with many step-by-step photo's.
This tutorial covers everything, from needle-sculpting face and body, colouring the face, dreadlocks, costuming, trident, to armature.

 Reif is often seen working with Greenpeace, during clashes on the high seas! Currently organising shoals of fighting fish, using his guard-fish Snapper, to repel and disrupt underwater blasting in NZ waters and create general mayhem to protect the undersea environment!

I hope you will enjoy making your own wall art!