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Saturday, March 5, 2016

Humpty Dumpty, character of the times!

How do you make a doll with just a head, arms and legs? You make Suzette Glastonbury Rugulo's Humpty Dumpty!  

Of course you can make it your own way, as I did, but the pattern is great! I have had it for years and promised myself I would make it one day, and just recently I found a picture that really appealed to me, so I used it as my inspiration for doing this face! 

The eyes and mouth fascinated me, so I had to try it! 
Do you ever do that?

Such a fun pattern and Suzette is one of my favourite designers, who still challenges me!

I did want to give him a swing, but that was too problematical! Love it!


P-Dot said...

This guy is amazing. I just love how he looks.