SFM Cloth Dolls with Attitude! NZ

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Storyboard Success at the A&P Show!

Our Cloth Doll Group OCDC had a great day at the local A&P Show this year!  

 I entered these dolls in just for fun,

  and they won First Prizes in each section!

 but more than that, I had an opportunity to promote the Cloth Doll!
 Three of us dollmakers had a stall, displaying our dolls, 
 and I made this board to display the process of making a doll, as well as showing what expressions can be made in cloth, with needle-sculpting! Many people stopped by and talked to us and hopefully this week, we will have more people come to our OCDC group to learn the art of Cloth Doll Making! Lovely sunny day and our stall was right beside the music!  Yes!

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Marie Antoinette Bust for Christchurch Workshop

I have just finished another Marie Antoinette Bust for my workshop in Christchurch at the end of April! I will make one more with white hair soon. This will be an online workshop soon too!
 Playing with the camera settings!
 Looking rather swish!
I have made all the plinths for the class too!  Offering a full Kit set for this one!

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Three Kind Mice!

Just finished making the pattern for these cute little mice made after the style of GusGus, from Cinderella, and they are quite comical.

The pattern pieces are interchangeable, so different looking mice can be made.
 Tall, small & chubby versions!

 They make a nice little lineup on a shelf!
 Come with t'shirt, hat and shoe patterns.  Easy pattern beginner - advanced!
 Their arms are posable - they'd make a great little project or gift!
and they cheat at blind mice bluff games!

All sorts of mice can be made from this pattern!

Add eyelashes.  Add a skirt.  A bonnet.   A Top Hat. Make it steampunk!

Make a coachman with a tricorn hat, tailcoat, & vest and a cue with a bow!
Make the legs, or neck longer. - Give the paws fingers.  Make them nasty!
Shrink the pattern and make baby mice!  A family of mice!
Old or young. Whiskers/moustache! Plaits, or flowing hair!
Three Mousketeers! Three blind mice. 
Domesticated/wild.  Town/country!
So many different way to make a mouse!