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Saturday, January 23, 2016

The Patroness of TOTE 2016

I have finally finished dressing my latest Patroness of TOTE for this year!

Her gown is made from a bolt of furnishing fabric - not the whole bolt - which is rubber abcked, and therefore, quite stiff.  Such as you would cover inexpensive chairs - made from synthetics.  It came up quickly using the overlocker, which I used for all her edges, so the only hem is the actual finished length!  It doesn't matter on something like this, as it's the overall theatrical effect!  

She had her first photo taken by visiting Australians yesterday! She dwarfs people, as she is on a platform with wheels.

I have made a pattern of this one, which includes how to make the head and my whole process of making the dummy, excluding the dress, which is just draped pleated, tucked, edged, and embellished however you like!  Her hat is a dress-up one that I have made a cover for, that just sits on top  and is embellished with stitching and whatever.

  The contrasting fabric is two very cheap novelty woven synthetic scarves - found, and the roses also a furnishing fabric, just twisted into roses - learned from Utube!  I wanted to create a balance with the contrasts, to bring the colour down, so the skirt looked the right length, because as you can see from the last picture, she looked a bit stiff and without her hands placed in front, the skirt looked too short.
The pattern is available in my Etsy Shop, or you can email me and I can send you a paypal request.  I hope you like what I have done.  I am pleaased with the result, because I had the opportunity to see what I could do - because you never know if you can, until you try it!