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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Makeover time for the Patroness Of TOTE!

This full size needle-sculpted head has just been finished. I took my time with it and have spent the afternoon making it. I want to replace the head of my Patroness of TOTE!
She has had three makeovers with the same head, for the last three years, and the original head, which was only made from an old sheet - has lasted all this time in all sorts of weather, most days! She is looking somewhat faded now and she is due for her yearly makeover, and so another head is required.

The Patroness normally stands outside The Oamaru Textile Emporium where I sell my dolls and volunteer on Fridays! People love to be photographed beside her.

I have learned a lot more about doll making since I first made the original one in 2013. Having said that, she has stood the test of time very well! This time, I am thinking she will be dressed in Blue, because we have a large quantity of Furnishing fabric in a blue going begging!