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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Workshop in Wellington! 2015

 Sheryl D'Ath and I had the best time in Wellington last weekend, with a wonderful doll group The Dollectables!  Sheryl designed the doll and I wrote it up.  It is called "All about Eve"!  The pattern can be bought from Sheryl, or from Cloth Doll Designer, or Dollmakers Journey!
 I took all my gear - a better way of carrying it rather than my usual bucket!  It rolls up nice and small!  Not exactly elegant, but it does the job!
 Sheryl thoughtfully had body parts made up to show how it is constructed.
All the kits laid out and more fabric, plus dyed mohair that Sheryl had wefted ready for use! 
 Here is the line-up of dolls on display.  Mine is the little one standing.  Sheryl also made the bears!  She is world class with her bears!
 Everyone getting down to painting the faces!
 Someone is excited to learn how to fix mistakes and also to make an open mouth!
 Getting it all together!  this delightful lady gave us chocolate and made the most delicious lemon cakes!  We were spoiled and we so appreciated it!
 Here is Sheryl in full swing!  She's the one in black and the designer of the dolls we were making!
 A close up of Sheryl's doll.  This is the same doll made in many different ways!  Look at the shoes she made too!
 More of the dolls!  The small ones she called Trinket!Aren't they gorgeous with the wee bears?  The undies are made from stretch lace!  I made a 'Frock' Pattern and the one with the jandals (flip-flops) is wearing a 'Frock'!
 Working on the faces and getting the bodies sewn up!
A line-up of all the heads!  Fascinating that it's the same head made in twelve different ways!  Lots of learning here.  They were shown how potentially disastrous faces could be changed to look more like it, and how to undo and start again with more pleasing results.  These ladies were pleased to be able to learn different techniques from both of us and what other tools could do the job better and faster.   It was so worthwhile for us all!  They have invited me back next year, so that's a good sign!


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que bonita entrada me encantaría poder estar ,y aprender muchas cosas de vosotras