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Thursday, November 5, 2015

On display at the Oamaru Opera House!

We are all a bit like Alice - on a chequered path in life!
Alice's flexibility is continuously challenged as she walks past the critical flowers in her life, who look down at her. She follows a neurotic rabbit, meets up with bully boys, who always want to fight over silly things like a broken rattle, love to argue, but never contradict each other, talk about having a battle, but get too carried away with sports and things and in the end are scared of upsetting authority!
She takes advice from an old caterpillar, entering the early stages of metamorphoses and who asks her several times, the important question - "WHO ARE YOU?" Alice replies, "Well, I knew who I was this morning, but I have changed so many times since then!"
Her only real friend is the Cheshire Cat, who always leaves her with a smile, and she has to deal with Queens!
Yes. a lot like us!

I am delighted to be asked to display my Alice In Wonderland Dolls at the Oamaru Opera house until Friday the 13th this month, where Victorian Week will be launched from, so they will have a wide audience.   I have been making these all year, as well as four large Marionettes!  It has been a very enjoyable process for me and I am amazed at the response I have had from people far and near.
I hope you enjoy seeing them!


Unknown said...

que bonitas todas no sabrĂ­a cual elegir, son todas unas obras de arte