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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

OCDC - Oamaru Cloth Doll Crafters - All about Eve Project!

This is a doll I have made & remade!  Sometimes it takes a while to get it right!  I called her Christel Belle, Seeker of True Love!  She reminded me of a friend of mine by the same name with an uncanny likeness, so last weekend I gave it to her!

 These dolls are our group attempt at making Sheryl D'Ath's "All about Eve!" Pattern.  We started it before the Wellingotn Workshop in Nov, but only completed it afterwards!  Our group found it very interesting to do and learned a lot of new techniques! 
They liked the way the doll is so pose-able  
and grouped together can imagine conversations!
  You can see how the dress designing skills kicked in here, with different styles presented by the dollmakers!

This cheeky little chap was made by Jean, who loves Frogs!  It's Jill Maas''s pattern -
Freddy & the frogs!  So cool!


Anonymous said...

They are all lovely Sharon, but I have been searching for your Mad Hatter Marionette in particular and just found him. He is terrific and the best I have ever seen. Is there a pattern available for him? I would just love to try and make him.