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Thursday, October 22, 2015

The Off-White Queen!

Potential disaster happened when we had strong winds blow through town, whooshing through the swing doors of the Oamaru Textile Emporium, where my dolls are displayed.  This was my last Marie Antoinette Bust doll for sale and she was thrown to the floor in a gust, and the base was smashed!
Nothing is ever wasted, so I quickly decided she could be my White Queen for the Alice Series!  On went a waist and stump base and arms!  

Out came all my bits of white - not enough for a whole dress, so all the bits were sewn together to make the gown - hence, The Off-white queen!  (I love a play on words!)

I added a little more hair to give her lengthy tresses and add to her more delicate look.

Here she is - the perfect foil for her sister, the Red Queen of Hearts!

Monday, October 5, 2015

Mad Hatter Marionette # 2

All finished!  He didn;t take so long, because I had partially made him earlier in the year - then forgot all about it, untill I hunted for the pattern and found it with  all the parts already stuffed!  So pleased about that!  I even have half the pattern written up!

This Mad Hatter is 31 inches tall.  His hat is a bit smaller than the first one, and went together much quicker as I know what I am doing now!  

Playing with Photoshop!

Here he lies with his first pair of pants on - they were changed eventually due to being too tight!

He is taller - of course!