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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Commissioned to write a pattern for Sheryl D'Ath's new doll - "All About Eve!"

I just wanted to share my experience with you!
My long time friend and fellow doll-maker Sheryl D'ath, who is a talented bear maker,
has this year been developing her own doll!  The more she made it, the more excited she became -and so did we, who were watching it happen!  She very generously shared lots of her process with us all on Cloth Doll Artistry, on Facebook!

She made a series of dolls and dressed them beautifully, as you can see here with this dispplay she put together recently for an exhibition!   These little dolls have become important to her and she can't bear to part with them, so they sit and watch her creating more and more!

The more she made, the more people began to ask her for the pattern, but Sheryl had never done that before and was very uncertain, so I jumped in and said we could collaborate! To my delight, she commissioned me to write it with her. This beautifully proportioned needle sculpted beauty is the result with all techniques fully explained in the pattern.

It has been a fabulous experience for me and Sheryl is wonderful to work with!  She took great photo's of her process and after I wrote, she reviewed and sent back the corrections and additions! I was surprised it only took three weeks to write it!  But that was because Sheryl had already done a lot of the work herself with photo's  and some writing etc.  

 While writing it, I had to test it  myself to make sure it was all correct and it was! 

This is my version. I changed the mouth on mine, but the rest is much the same.  Now I am playing around with clothing patterns for it!

It has been a great pleasure to write this with Sheryl and to my great pleasure, we are both going to teach it together in a workshop in Wellington, in November 2015!

This pattern is now available through Sheryl herself, at bellestuff@xtra.co.nz
 and soon it will be available through other pattern sellers.


Carol- Beads and Birds said...

I love it and I want it!!

Alenka_ts said...

Your dolls are always amazing! They makes me smile and encourage me to continue dollmaking ASAP ^-^ :)

Judy Mathis said...

Could you tell me the price of the pattern?