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Friday, April 17, 2015

The Mad Hatter Marionette!

Here he stands - all  34 inches of him!

 Costuming all finished!
 Details, like scissors, odd socks, hat pin, ribbons and reels!  Not a bad profile either, considering I didn't like his face at first and didn't know how it would go.
 The jacket took longer to make than the hat, believe it or not!  I broke all the sewing rules with this one and felt I had almost moved into abstract art!
Because he is so tall, he is also quite heavy, so it will be interesting to see how it goes when he is strung and working!

What do you think?


ruthanne said...

I think he is wonderful!

Northbrook Designs said...

Sharon, your Mad Hatter is fantastic. I'm sure when you string him, he'll totally come to life. As for the face, perfect. I saw one recently that someone did, and it was pretty scary. You're is good, not manic and wild looking;

Unknown said...

I love the Mad Hatter, Bat Girl, and the Pink Flamingo!! I want to make all of them. Thank you, Sharon, for sharing your amazing talent!!