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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Making Batgirl!


I found a leftover head and bust from my Marie Antoinette doll Busts, so though it would work ok for  a marionette.  Then I was commissioned to make Batgirl!  So I began.
All put together/

She looks like a BJD!  Well almost!

Ready to make the boots.  Measuring the card for pointy toe.

Stiletto's of course!

The foot is weighted with garnet grains.  Foot is glued on to the sole.

Fabric fitted to the shoe was not long enough, so a design feature on the toe!

Lashes put on after the mask is in place prevents wear and tear.  The mask is made from soft leather and stitched to shape the head.  Quite pleased with it.  

All ready for the strings now!

Very posable

Hmmmm! Next step now!

Strung up!

Ready to take on the world!


Anonymous said...

Love her! She is the cat's meow!~ Lisa

Gay And Alive said...

Meow! She is wonderful!! -Randy