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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Marie Antoinette look-a-likes!

Meanwhile in the palace the competition for the best Marie Antoinette look-alike is hotting up!

This bevy of beauties are the result of a workshop we had in the last few weeks.  Some  have made more than one and they have been having the best time with with them!Each one is a little work of art and they are all thrilled with the way they have turned out and the skills they have learned!  I am rapt!

The ladies have decided they want to use them as a fund-raiser for breast cancer and soon they will be displayed in our local hairdressers shop!  One of the dolls was made by the owner!  Hope you like them!


ruthanne said...

Love the Alice in Wonderland dolls.
Your black and white flooring look great!

Gay And Alive said...

Lovely class dolls :)