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Friday, February 6, 2015

Anothr Marie Antoinette Bust - so to speak!

 More mixed media.  Trying out dying wool roving pink!  So easy with food colouring and utube!

Great fun doing the hair, which is probably a tad unembellished,

  but I let the dress speak instead! 

Moody Blue!


bomba said...

Very pretty! And the hair and the dress !!!

bomba said...

Very pretty! And the hair and the dress !!!

Gay And Alive said...

She is gorgeous Sharon!!!

Arley said...

I LOVE her - especially her expression. You do such wonderful faces. It looks like you cut the sheer fabric with a heat knife or candle?

I also like your catapillar. Is his hooka a spark plug? Keep working on the face - I would love to see this a pattern!

SFM Cloth dolls With Attitude! said...

Thank you Arley! A candle was used for the fabric. I like parts of this Caterpiller, but not the face. The hooka is a hose connector coated with gesso and a top coat of metallic paint used for ceramics, to give it a bronzed look. The brass lid is the top off a laser pencil torch - all held together through the middle with the ink tube of a biro, with the nib peirced through the blue wooden bead on top and anchored at the base with hot glue on a fluted button! The whole thing is then stitched through the mushroom, which is held together by and umberella type armature, so it is anchored well. I made the hose from thin coated wire, drilled into the base of the plastic hose connector, with a long wooden bead handle! However, I have since made another caterpiller, hooka and mushroom - all different! LOL!