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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Alice In Wonderland Series for Exhibition March 2015

I have been busy since January, making this series of Alice In Wonderland dolls.  These ones are for an Exhibition to be held here in March, where others will be exhibiting textiles like weaving and wool art, but as this years celebrations are all about Wonderland, I thought to begin this way, and carry on throughout the year making characters, to see how it all looks by the end of the year!

  The hardest thing to make was the chequered path, as I am no quilter!  So this is a compromise.  It LOOKS like it's quilted, but it's just woven! 

 My idea with this lot is that we are all on this chequered path, with some weird characters, trying to discover who we are and to find our way in life. We have to run the gamut of criticism from nay-sayers, like the snooty flowers in the night garden, 

Sometimes we are all anxious and jumpy, like the rabbit. 
We meet bully boys, like the Tweedle Boys on the way.

And we often have to deal with autocratic Queens!

  I wanted to make the Cheshire cat, because he was the only friendly character Alice met in Wonderland and always left her with a smile!  I will get it done at some stage.  meanwhile, I'm redoing Alice a little bigger, because people don't notice her when she's so small!  That's like life too! LOL!