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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Steampunk Octopus!

I've been having fun making this Steampunk Octopus, designed by Susan Barmore, of Frowning Frances Patterns!  I love Susan's work and have made several crows - and magpies!
   So after I had stuffed it and added the suckers, here it is Gesso'd and hanging to dry!
 Dry and waiting for painting
 Painted black and grey.
 Don't know what happened with the colouring here, but it is grey, not blue on the underside!
Had fun finding bits and pieces to make the eye.  Used a large ring of some sort, a curtain ring and a done after I had marked the sides of the clay.  I inset a plastic dolls eye under the rings.

Here is the finished Steam Punk Octopus!  

With Elena's doll Pippi, who is not in the least scared of this wild creature!


Unknown said...

que bonito me encanta
da miedo y quieres verlo

Unknown said...

I am in love with this octopus.