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Saturday, October 25, 2014

My Studio Makeovers!

When I first started out making cloth dolls this is where I did it all and wrote my first pattern.  This pic taken in 2010.  Prior to that, it was where I did my study and first learned to use a second hand computer, sent to me by my brother.  I was in the middle of doing Social and community Work Papers and had to learn how to use a computer a them same time!  The marks weren't too bad considering the frustration level!  LOL!  I had to be very organised in this room.

  The room became very pokey, like they do, and children had left home.  We decided to have our own bedrooms so we could both sleep better, as I was still working then, so I moved my Studio into our larger bedroom in 2012.
 I was writing a lot of patterns then and making lots of cloth dolls.  The bigger room began to look more and more cluttered, which is stifling to creativity!
 Even poor wee Molly looks bemused at the cluttered mess!  Never mind Molly, we took it all out to Paul's Garage! LOL!
 Cleared out the insufficiently shelved wardrobe, cleared the bench top and moved it under the windows to benefit from more light!  Where it was, became a depository for unfinished things!
 We took the curtains down and put in blinds, to get full benefit of the light. I have a dress stand for marionettes to hang - when I make them and two directional lamps to aid the lacking eyesight! Ample storage and room to move around! I have two small tables on wheels, so I can move them to where I need a new space, i.e. taking video's, photo's or ironing!
 Paul lowered the bench at one end for a sewing table and the overlocker is on the tall table, where I like to stand and use it!  Three different table levels and a writing workspace!  Decent deep shelving for most of my stash.  (Still sifting through stuff in the garage, but thrown plenty out!)  It is good to clear our spaces occasionally and throw out - or pass on,  what is no longer necessary.
The blinds look fabulous and make the room look airy and light at lessens the cluttered look even more!  I've made it a rule now, not to buy anything unless I have immediate use for it! At the end of the day this is a work space that I spend many hours creating in and you can't bake a cake without breaking an egg! I am very pleased and grateful to have this space to make even bigger and better messes in!  LOL!