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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Marie Antoinette Busts

These are all the dolls I made to complete my latest Online Class, starting on 16th October, on Fabric Addictions Website!  This one took a while to complete, because she needed a contrast colour and I couldn't think what to do!
This one I am giving to the person who gave me the fabric and buttons - a blouse, belonging to her late mother!  Swiss origin and beautiful fabric - silk I think!


These two are on the cover of my Class Pattern.  The originals!

This one has had two heads and the sailing ship to finish it off!

This one - to match the little vase I used to set her in!  The video for the ribbon roses goes with the Class!

A group photo!   The same head - different eyelashes, hair and  As you can see, these busts can be as colourful and outrageous as you wish!
  Use up the old candlesticks and bits of lavish lace in your stash!  So many different ways to interpret this bust!
Making these made me think of all the drama queens in my life and helped me rise about it all!  LOL!  Hope you like them.


Татьяна Григорук said...

super!!!! bravo!!!

Txatxa Txa said...

son preciosas
y si sabría ingles me apuntaba a las clases ,pero tendré que aprender por mi cuenta
feliz domingo