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Monday, October 27, 2014

A Marionette in the making.

Finally got around to making a head for this body that has been waiting for so long to be made into something.  Rather a mischievous face, so gave her this acrylic hair that can be adjusted when she decides what she is going to wear!  She is weighted in various parts of her body, which helps with more natural movement.  I am waiting for more inspirations re her character and costume!

Meantime, she decided to have a photo shoot  in the early hours and show how poseable she is without strings attached - she aspires to be a Marionette!  She thinks an iron is for resting on!  Silly girl!

 Ah, the laying down pose! Oh, I see, she's settling down for the night!
Yes, yes, I'll turn the light off on the way out!
Where did you get that from?  Have you been into my toy box?  

Actually, a doll like this would be great for story telling!


Anonymous said...

Love her! She is beautiful and sassy!~Lisa