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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Nic-Nacs for distraction!

Just some little Nic Nacs today.  I needed distraction from writing, so a challenge by a friend to make a Pin doll! In case you can't guess, this is Ursla, the Octopus!  Of course it is!  I could tell you knew that!  LOL!  Well, it's a version anyway! Definitely OOAK!  It will be off to America shortly, but first I want to show it off at a talk I am giving next week!
 I thought, as it was meant to be a pin doll, it would be best to do the pancake face and just draw the features on.  To do a 3D face would have made it so much bigger and impossible to wear or hang on the wall.  Then I thought I'd try and see if it would needle-sculpt and if so, would it be effective?  Well, you never know before, till after, and I was surprised how well it came out!
 Really odd colouring a body in shades of purple, but it worked surprisingly well! Prismacolour pencils are great!  I rubbed the colour on and then wet a paintbrush to smooth the colour around.  Worked well! I just used quilters muslin for this, as it had a tiny stretch.  I used a slightly stretchy velour for the dress, so was able to stuff extra into the boobs for better effect. I stitched two different fur fabrics together to add the stripes to her hair.  She looks Glam!
This other thing I spent most of the day making is called an assemblage!  Not my original idea, because I am not wired like this.  I saw it elsewhere and thought it would be something I could have a go at and that it would come together quite quickly.  Wrong! I really don't like cutting out. It is so messy!  But I am grateful, because it made me clean up my studio!  Hunting for the bits to go on it, made me think I really could get organised better, so I did!  I did like the theme though and the person who did the original is to be commended!  I am glad I had a go and \i am sure I will find a home for it!


OwlBe said...

Well, I think she is quite The Dish! Love her expression! Your such an artist, truly gifted.
I also like your idea with the Prismacolour pencils. It makes the fabric look like velvet.
Thanks for sharing!

Unknown said...

que bella es je je ,muy interesante