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Friday, August 29, 2014

Inspiration and follow through!

 Inspiration comes from all sorts of funny places.  A friend of mine is collevting these wacky ashtrays and showed me his latest acquisition.   Whe I saw the feet, I just wondered how hard that would be to needlesculpt and if it was possible, so I quickly drew a foot to try it out and made the female one.  Should have done two at once, to work out the left and right feet!  I eventually got it sorted.
As you can see, needlesculpting makes the foot smaller.

 It's interesting making manly features.  What to put in - what to leave out.  He doesn;t have a sculpted top lip for example.  
 And as for baby!  How to make it small enough, but attached to such big feet, and how to make it stable?
 Well, I found a way!
And it worked! 
 What do you think?


Unknown said...

me encanta es divertido, y alegre como ami me gusta.la esageracion de los pies hace que sea muy divertido