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Friday, July 25, 2014

Somebody thought I needed a diversion, so she gave me a composition head off the childhood doll she had kept all this time. The body was long lost and the head had a broken chest plate. She now has a great Granddaughter and wants to pass it on, so she asked me if I could do something with it! Never one to shy from a challenge, I have sat with it for two weeks, while I did some research on repairing composition dolls.
The Doll head had some won patches on it, so I smoothed them off and put a few dabs of clay on and later sanded it off. I had to make an air dried clay chest plate that I covered with gauze, for extra strength and added more clay, which I have since smoothed off with fine sandpaper.
 I altered a Kezi Mathews toddler body, to fit snugly under the head and on the shoulders, so when I have finished the head, I will glue it on, as that's how the original one was attached.
 My next job has been to buy an airbrush, so guess who has to learn how to do airbrushing in a hurry! That'll be a job for next week! Thank God for Utube!


Anonymous said...

Oh Sharon,what a happy post for me!

I have already my favourute doll (head and body) since i was 3 years old and we never separated each other. She is very, deteriorated, never know how to repair her sort of plastic body and facial features. Now you gave me some tips, but, please,you applied clay and gauze over it?? (i didn´t iunderstand this part very well...). Thanks in advance. Rosa

SFM Cloth dolls With Attitude! said...

Hi Rosa. this doll head is called composition, made from sawdust and glue. It will take clay well. I don't think a plastic one would go so well as it would need to be sanded, lay on clay, sanded , then a layer of gauze, then light layer of clay and sanded smooth. Then I will spray paint it with an air brush - if I learn how! LOL! Look online for a plastic solution. I am interested in repairing old dolls.