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Monday, July 28, 2014

Marie Antoinette Bust

I have been wanting to make a bust for some time, but was not sure what I would do, or when I would get time to devote to making it - or even how it would look!
I began anyway as I knew what I would do to make the body.  Easy. Then started on the face and it sat for a day.  I rummaged around and found some likely looking scraps, and some lace that had possibilities - still unsure of what I would do.  
I then started on the face, and when that was done had a little think about how I would be able to make hair that looked the part, so made a toque - I looked it up!  It means cushion for the hair!  It seems ladies with this hairstyle could wear it so for a week and even had special bed hats made to accommodate their hair!
Anyway, in order to put eyelashes on, I had to cover the hair as I had used Wool staples combed out, and needle-felted in place.  Therefore, strands catch on everything and annoyingly tangle in the black thread I was using!
 It was successful!
 So I played with curls and pearls in her hair, feathers and lace
Front view
 Back View
 Side view.
Showing off her Beauty Spot!  Oh La!
I like this view of her, reflecting maybe.............?

I hope you like her.  I am going to make her into a pattern.  She is fun to do!


Gay And Alive said...

She is absolutely gorgeous!!! A pattern for this project would be fantastic!!!!

Unknown said...

ella es preciosa como todo lo que haces parece que tiene vida propia

ruthanne said...

She is wonderful. A pattern would be great. Love to do a better job on hair.

ruthanne said...

Hope this does not print twice as I seem to be a robot.

Awesome job. I would love to learn how to do that hair!

Jo Ferguson said...

She's exquisite and those eyelashes and the beauty mark are amazing. I think she's really captured the way we think Marie Antoinette, would be.

Gay And Alive said...

Can hardly wait until the pattern is available to purchase!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi my name is Eva from Beadable Things. I think she is glorious. I can't wait until the pattern is out. I love making your dolls.
When will the pattern be out?

I also have a question for you. I just started making dolls. I'm a jewelry designer and have gotten away fro jewelry. My dolls are expensive to make and was wondering if you could give me some advice on where or what kind of show can I sell them at.