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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

ANZAC DAY 25th April 2014

 My ANZAC tribute to all people who have been captured, fallen, wounded or sick, alone, despairing, 
 that they will find the offer of comfort, of human touch, aid, 
 a care parcel from someone in the world who cares and a letter from home!
 Lest we forget.

The nurse was able to offer a care parcel delivered from Geneva and packed by someone in the world who leant their support by way of showing their care in putting together a parcel with specific items as outlined by the authorities.  This had to be checked and a special label stuck on it, to be deemed fit to send to captives and prisoners of war.  Above is the ANZAC Symbol, a poppy, with the Red Cross Colours in a circle, made from thin old woollen blankets.  It is flanked by the Australian and New Zealand flags.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

City Girls

I needed a change, so I have been making up Jill Maas's pattern of City Girls!  

You can't just make one!  There has to be two, so they can conspire together and gossip!  Not to mention go shopping and having coffee at all the latest cafĂ©'s!

Oops!  They have discovered a Tilda Angel on her break!

Had great fun making these!