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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Saucy Sal!

Saucy Sal is my latest Saloon Gal doll.  I was trying out some different techniques to see if I could get a pose that would work, i.e. legs that would stand, a body shape and arms.

 Using silk worked really well as her dress.  Pleasing gathers to scale. 
 I liked the way her legs fit on her hips while giving the impression one hip is raised.  The dress hitched up helps this illusion too!
 The beading was some a friend made for me to use on dolls, but it only goes as far as you can see, so looks more like a collar to frame her ...um...assets!
 All clothing is stitched on.  I liked the roundness of her rump, so didn't want to hide it.
 All the proportions on this doll are exaggerated, i.e. the head is too big for the body, the legs are too small, the waist too narrow, but it adds to the characterisation of the doll.
On the good side - she stands unaided on her booted feet!

Her arms have no hands to give the illusion of fists on hips.

  What do you think?


Hobbygirl Dolls said...

I love her!!!!

Mary Ann Tate said...

I love her:) I think she is fabulous.

jeanne said...

Oh Sharon..I really like the personality you gave her. Really FANTASTIC...may I ask if you'll make a pattern of her? I'd so like to buy. I hope so. Doing okay..just need to get back up on my feet...love the coffee chat..Write you later..Hugs..jeanne