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Saturday, March 29, 2014

A different doll

 This is a departure from what I normally make, but I wanted to try out a different style and stretch myself.  I am not delighted with it, but I have learned quite a bit making it.
 By raising the eyes, normal eyelashes attach very well.  Of course she had to be somewhat sombre of expression to go with her dramatic looks.
 I decided to make her ball jointed for posing
 But found her head was too big to pose well, even with a rod inserted to keep it help up.  there are many things \i could have done, but stayed with this way of doing it.
 Here she is with other dolls of average size, that |I normally make.  You can see her waist is tucked in as I thought of making her a Marionette, but her new owner didn;t want that in the end.
 Here she is trying on clothing styles and hair.
 She hangs nicely
 Arms can be posed
 Here she has a wig of wool, looped to make it look fuller.
I have called her Asphyxia after the character in a puppet play.