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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Verdigris - a thieving Magpie!

My last Steam Punk Crow - converted into a thieving Magpie called Verdigris!
 Just look what he's collected out of my junk!  Some round shiny rings from my old fella's junk tin! Bits of old chain chain and in his hat is a magnet, holding on his wire propeller! 

 A toe ring for his knee! Bits of copper for his scrawny legs!
  An ancient buckle from my buckle cache,an old zipper from my old fella's pants!
 The old front door key.
 So I painted his hat verdigris green, thinking one day, the copper will corrode to that colour too!
And this is where he snatched it all from!  Caught in the act!