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Monday, October 14, 2013

Timaru Workshop - Making Practial Pindora!

We had the best time at our Workshop in Timaru last weekend with Cloth doll enthusiasts keen to put their own stamp on the pattern we were following!  One student had never used a sewing machine before and was not abiout to start!  She thoroughly enjoyed the art of needlework.  Her friend stitched her doll up for her and she did the rest.  None of the students had tried needlefelting before  and on introduction to it, this student became delighted with her effort - looking on it as an opportunity for hand sewing after she had done her basic background!

Another student tried making felt balls to use as embellishments - loved it!

Here is a design all ready to go around the base of the doll! 

This is our classroom - deserted for lunch!

 Plenty of felt and a doll in a state of undress - awaiting her designer top! _ Luckily we had the fabric shop beneath us for emergency changes of plan for different embellishments!

Please Note!
One important factor became obvious and I say it here to remind people of the importance of using good quality stuffing for your dolls.  Using old cushions, pillows or duvet inner will not give your doll a satisfying look - especially when it comes to needle sculpting.  For a doll with nicely rounded features that makes neeldesculpting so effective, please use good stuffing, or you will be so disappointed you will be discouraged to continue - and I don't want that to happen!  The best (to me) is stuffing that has a tiny crimp in the fibre and springs back when squeezed.  If not that, buy stuffing from a craft shop meant for soft toys.  It will probably be carded, but ok for dollmaking.

 The designs coming together - matching the colour palete came easily to this student who said she had trouble with colours!  I don't think so!
 Only one colour needed here!  Those embroidery machines come in very handy for this sort of thing!
 And for something completely different! Barb said she dreamed of just how she would dress her doll overnight!  Fantastic!
Look at all the handsewing here!  this was a labour of love!

I was blown away by the creativity of this group of women as they worked on their pieces of doll artistry!  They worked so long and hard on the clothing that I had to gather them all to make their faces!

And here are the results!  Exactly the same, but totally different!  Aren't they wonderful!  I didn't know how this workshop would go, but it developed a life of it's own and I was delighted with the enthusiasm and creativity of it all!


Whimcees said...


I love seeing what everyone is creating! I miss going to a doll club - wish I lived closer! I love the baby doll also - those little girls must be loving it! Wishing you a happy week!


Barbara Diane