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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Constructing Santa's Face!

I am making a Santa from my Innkeepers Pattern.  He's got a great body for this, so thought I'd show how I do the face.  I have not included the sculpting, sorry!

Before and again after Needlesculpting, I mark in the features, paint the eye with acrylic white and outline again with Tan or copper gel pen.  In this case, I have raised the eyes.

Here I have added black Gel pen and black pencil to shade the face.  The colour tone is taking on a sickly hue and I am a bit worried about it now, but will carry on!

Next go on the whiskers and hair piece.....

then the beard.  Now he looks like he's crashed the sleigh after too many egg nogs!  POOR SANTA!

I decided to redo his eyes, so painted on more white acrylic and smudged it into the red prismacolour pencil on the shut eye.  I changed the whole look of the eyes and used light brown prismacolour pencil to lighten the face a little.  Not entirely successful as a Jolly Santa.

So I did another face.  This time I did not raise the eyes, but drew them in place with a better effect.
Here they are for comparison!  I can still use the other face, but not as Santa.


Whimcees said...


Your heads are wonderful! I love the needle sculpting. I have just posted my new doll - the Witch Pop-Up Doll - if you would like to see her. She is so fun to interact with! Wishing you a great week!


Barbara Diane