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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Big Baby Doll.

I had a play with a baby doll - not my pattern, but I enlarged it to the size of about a six month old baby.  I am not delighted with it because I used  pink t-shirt fabric and that made the colour really different.  Then I couldn't get the eyes to go right as it was much bigger.
 Still, two little girls - a four year old and a one year old loved it because it was squeezable, a good size and they could poke the eyes!  So I guess that's a good sign! 
  I have sewn all her garments - all the woolens, so a little one can dress and undress her.  She even has a sewn diaper and a vest! She's slightly weighted  and sits very well and is also lightly stuffed - or else she would be huge and not so cuddly!  I learned a lot while making this one!