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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

A pop-up character doll- for a change! My design, but not my idea.

He's playful - not shy, this pop-up-guy!
He surveys from his cone that he calls his home,
and looks around, without making a sound,
With a nod and a wink, he begins to sink,
With his one little eye he will furtively spy,
Until all that is left is his hands and his hat!
Fancy that!

This fun character is inspired by Kathryn Walmsey, a doll artist I really  admire for her story book characters. The original is made with cloth and clay, but I am useless with clay, so wanted to see if I could needle sculpt it instead.
 I have been lucky enough to take one of Kathryn's online classes a few years ago and the doll I made from that is now in a restaurant in Nelson! 
 Kathryn is currently teaching a class of the original on Doll Street Dreamers!  Go and check it out! 


Unknown said...

me encanta,es divertido y alegre

Sue P, said...

I love him, Sharon!

Whimcees said...


Your pop-up dolls are wonderful! This is my favorite one. I am impressed that you made 3 of them!


Barbara Diane