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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Baby dolls.

I am making two baby dolls jsut now, to use as models for baby clothes in a shop.  These are Kezi Mathews gorgeous Oregon Babies and I just love them!

 So easy to make and so effective for children to play with.  They come with a face transfer, but I lost mine, so had to do my own off the pattern.

Their arms are not made yet.  I'll post a pic when the babies are done!

The other little doll is a challenge from Cloth Doll Artistry I thought I'd enter and see if I could make.

These dolls could be any size.  I just copied a picture and coloured it with prismacolour pencils and pens (on paper)  Front & Back.  I scanned this and put it in a word doc.  I used printable fabric and printed it out.  I should have left it to completely dry before handling it.  I left it in the sun and it faded or the ink was absorbed into the cloth - or both!

 Anyway, not giving up now I was this close, I stitched it together and stuffed it, because I had to see how it would turn out!  It was easy to stitch and turn, so after stuffing it, I went over it again with the pencils and pens.  It is no good for children, but as a little project - I am pleased to know I can do this!  Yay!  Now I have to learn how to make it more permanent so children could play with it!


Unknown said...

que bebes mas bonitos,dan ganas de abrazarlos ,la muñeca es muy bonita