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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Another fruitful evening with the OCDC group on Tuesday.  Here is Joanne's Santa, posing with Julie's High Octave Hester.  Seems these two are related - hopefully!  Same designer at least!

Some art dolls in the making here, by Judy!  These dolls are fun and Judy had good ideas about them.  Hope she brings them next week!  I'm dying to see what they will look like now!

Julie has been making these cute wee mermaids!  Her daughter has also had a go at drawing the faces - pretty accurately too!  She's only 8!

Joanne has been making this doll for a wee while now.  Jo likes to have many things on the go at once and does a bit on each one.  It's amazing how they all come together!
I've been making an Aboriginal doll called Kyeema, meaning 'of the dawn'. It's an online class with Marilyn Halcomb and I am loving it! It's similar but different to what I make and already I have learned some new techniques!
 I have enjoyed making a dark skinned doll and this cotton lycra fabric is wonderful to work with!
Get a load of those teeth and that profile!  It's so cool!


Hobbygirl Dolls said...

I love the teeth! Is this class still open? I would love to take it. :)

SFM Cloth dolls With Attitude! said...

Hi Juanita, I believe you can still join on Doll Street Dreamers - check it out!

Unknown said...

que bonito como me gustaría estar en una clase de esas

SFM Cloth dolls With Attitude! said...

It would be fun to have you in my class Txatxa! I think it would be buzzing with ideas!

Unknown said...

Love the teeth and those lips, so cute. Hmmmm I should go and have a look at Marilyns classes as well.

Rosa said...

Hello Sharon

Great and original work, as always
But, please, with what material is the teeth made of? how is it attached to a fabric?
Thanks a lot