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Thursday, July 4, 2013


I've been playing around lately, making this Marionette.  She is certainly not perfect and easy to self critique. I was never happy with her face - didn't really like the shape of it to start with, but I followed the pattern to see what it would look like.

 I needle sculpted and coloured it, but I still didn't like it, so I recovered the face and tried again - Nooo!  The eyes are different sizes, too big and I can't change them! By now I was in danger of ditching it, so I thought I would just plow on and finish it off and see how it looked.

Well, it looks like this!

I made the wig by unstitching a dress-up wig and stitching it on the head.  I used stuffing to keep it raised up and stitched the style in place. (Have to do it again - not right!)  By now I had the general idea of what it could look like, so carried on!

I decided to dress it in Victorian style because I had this lovely taffeta and someone gave me an old brooch and old pearls, and I have heaps of lace I want to get rid of! Funnily enough, I don't use lace much in dollmaking. Well, I liked the dress, so that helped.
I'll know what not to do if I ever make another one of these!  LOL!
I'll post a pic of the controls later.  That was a mission too! OK for a first attempt I think.

I made the control from this diagram I found in an old marionette book I have that cost 10/3 (10 shillings and threepence!)
  Not that easy to make if you don't know what you're doing. (I didn't) I can make it work, but it seems cumbersome to me.  For someone more familiar with marionettes it's probably fine.  
Anyway, feel free to have a go at making one!


ruthanne said...

She is delightful! Love to see your controls.

SFM Cloth dolls With Attitude! said...

Thanks Ruthanne - I have added the diagram for you.