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Saturday, May 4, 2013

UFO workshop & up-cycling!

OCDC group had a busy time of it today when we had a UFO Workshop.  Initially we were going to make a bunny each, but then it became a free-for-all when we found we had all bought things to finish!  Except Raelene - who had a fur wrap over a hundred years old that she wanted to make a special bunny out of for her friend, so she got stuck in and looked like she was grooming her dog!
 Lovely fur!  Can't wait to see the finished bunny!  Even I had a go at a small bunny, made from real fur!

Then we all got into it!

 Jo's Bunny is made from Faux fur and looks fabulous!

We made a creative mess!
 Here are a few of our UFO's in progress!  Love Jo's bear!
 These are Raelene's Tiny Trolls she's making to go on her cruise!  They will feature on photo's of the holiday!  Heather is finishing off her Jill Maas Santa!  Not much more to do now!  She's already on to the next thing!  LOL!
   Good company, good energy and good food! We declared it a very fast, satisfying day and completed a lot of work that we were happy with.  We hope to do it again in August!