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Thursday, May 23, 2013

OCDC Update

We've been very busy lately finishing off projects!
Heather - always with something on the go started off the show and tell with this version of Jill Maas's Maggie, holding one of her dogs! 
Next she pulled out this stunning version of Jill's Mermaid!  I just love the colours she's used and the eyelashes are so effective!  This is a great pattern and lovely to make up!

Here is Jo's gorgeous cuddly little bear she made at our workshop.  Real fur from an old fur coat.  So lovely to hold.

 This little cutie - not not Raelene, although she is cute - was made by Raelene, also from a Rabbit fur cape which is over 100 years old!  It was a real mission to make, with the skin tearing easily.  She made it for a friend in memory of her grandma, who belonged the cape.  It's so lusciously cuddly with it's big floppy legs and ears!  Raelene persevered and is pleased with it.  She did so well and made a very creative mess cutting it out I might add!  All worth it now though!

This little bunny was my effort, also made from real fur.  I think it is a free pattern from Soggybottom Bunny.  First real furry creature I've ever made.
This doll was created from various UFO bits I had lying around!  I wanted something to sit on the couch I'd made so I could put it up for sale.  Her hair is a combination of furs for a modern look and her dress is made up from scraps of beaded lace for someone's wedding gown.  The necklace beads were made by a friend who lives beading - lucky me!

  Lastly, Judy bought two heads she wanted to learn how to sculpt, so we did one each together!  They are from my latest pattern - Old Friends Keep you Sane.

Hope you enjoy looking at our creative efforts!