SFM Cloth Dolls with Attitude! NZ

Monday, April 22, 2013

Adrianne sent me this pic of her latest doll she calls Miranda. She has such a way with colour!  I think this is Jill Maas's doll 'Lola.'  Just fabulous!  Adrianne makes her dolls and shows them to rest home residents, who are just delighted to see her creations and look forward to her weekly visits!  Now that's sharing your talent!  LOL!

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Playing with dolls!

And so at the end of a successful night of being the Hostess with the mostest, Krista hung up her apron after doing all the dishes, can now relax beside her pet dog Chi, on the new Chaise Lounge with a glass of bubbly for her reward!

Saturday, April 6, 2013

The nightmare before Christmas - or how to make a creative mess!

 Prim dolls aren't for sissies as I found out today!  Talk about The Nightmare before Christmas!  It was the wire that was the problem.  Too strong!  I'll do it differently next time.
I Puddled my way through it, making it up as I went.

 His head swivels so he can be posed.  He is wearing a belt but hardly seen under his long whiskers.
 A close up of the needlesculpted face, with the slight winking of the eye!

I made him a  bag of scary toys to prop him up with, but they're hard to see here.   In the end - not so bad!  
What do you think?  


Adrianne bought along her creations to finish off on Tuesday.  There's another Jill Maas Lola, on her knee getting finishing touches and Something that looks suspiciously like Rod Stewart lurking in the background.

 The scruffy dog has found the sofa!  Isn't it great? Adrianne is having so much fun with these patterns and she shares her creative work with people in a rest home, who look forward to what she'll be bringing in each week!  What a way to share your talents and bring some fun and laughter into someone's life!
 And look!  Here's Tilly - or is it Tess in her bikini and the spotty dog is getting in on the act!
 Awww!  Dog hugs - and Rod's looking on!
Meantime, one of the Old Friends is getting her hair on!  Judy will have her all together by next week.
Jean pops in every week when she can to share her magazines with us and try to inspire us to join some of the challenges.  Raelene is working on some Trolls, so hopefully we'll have pics of them next week.

I'm working on several things - a mermaid pattern that has to be different to keep up with all the other excellent mermaids out there, and two Santa's.  Busy as!