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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Timaru Workshop March 2013

I've just had a wonderful time in Timaru this weekend, teaching how to make my doll "Krista" to a lovely group of women who had hardly ever made dolls before!  A lot had done quilting and other sewing and crafts, so it was a bit of a challenge for them.  They were willing and intent - a bit frustrated and sometimes daunted by the vagaries of this  new challenge - and they all came through with flying colours which made me so proud of them and their efforts!

 We had some fun with bits and pieces!
 Some intense work going on down there with Joy and Barbara
 There's Krista overseeing all the odd shaped heads in production - body parts waiting to be  coloured and assembled!
 A platter of heads - all shapes, sizes and personalities coming through.  Great variety of eye colour.  some heads made form quilters muslin, and homespun cotton. I think everyone was amazed at how well they all turned out and how each doll shows it's character.

 Trying on hair and hats and being comfortable in her skin is Krista - having a rest!
I hope to have more pics to show soon!  Id' love to see these dolls dressed.  Everyone went away with plans about how they would make them and what hair colour they would use.  Lyn was keen to make another one right away!  Hope she does!


Judys Lace Creations said...

Great doll. Love the sculpted body too. Like all the different faces on each doll.

SFM Cloth dolls With Attitude! said...

Thanks Judy! It's a great doll to make and interesting that they are all different according to the fabric used, the amount of stuffing, the way it's stuffed and the sewing.

Erika said...

I love to see your workshops with cloth dolls. Wished the same for Germany.
Love your dolls and the expression.
Sending hugs